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There are definite advantages in working with young horses before they are of riding age, unfortunately most of the time we limit what we do because we aren’t thinking of the big picture and connecting with the future or perhaps we can’t think of all the things we can do before we begin riding them! continue reading ⇢

Do you find that every spring… your horse needs a tuning? Winter is a good time to start! You’’ll still have to condition the muscles, but the mind will already be running smoooooth. The past couple of articles have dealt with understanding how to move the hips and shoulders. continue reading ⇢

This article is for those dedicated winter riders that dress like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man! Nothing hurts your ego more than attempting to get on your horse and doing the dead man hang from the saddle. continue reading ⇢

When the weather starts to get bad…and you think it’s too cold to mess with your horse …it really isn’’t but you’ll need to invest in proper clothes and boots.

Before we get down to business, take a moment and evaluate your horse’s winter needs. continue reading ⇢

Why set goals? Goals help us reach personal milestones and to avoid becoming stagnant or complacent in our performance with our horse. But, just having the desire to accomplish a pretty lofty goal isn’t enough to get us there. continue reading ⇢

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