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I’ve been fortunate to perform in demo’s and specialty performances at expos throughout the United States and Canada with my stallion Casadero Sin Par and my mares Holy Socks!, Twinkle and Mouse.

I’m a skilled and dedicated trainer and definitely worth your investment.

My training program, clinics and lessons are safe, sound and versatile; I’ll help you successfully reach the goals you have for yourself and your horse!

You’ll receive instruction of unparalleled quality, spoken in a language that is easy to understand with concepts that will mold and build the foundation your horse needs to become a great partner.

For horses that are further along, I can fulfill your dreams by coaching you and your horse to the next level with simple techniques and straight forward information. Whatever your level of expertise or chosen discipline, you’ll find enjoyment in the partnership between you and your horse!

If you don’t currently own a horse and are thinking of getting your feet wet… don’t fall into the mistake many make; GET THE BEST START by first taking a few lessons.