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  • Improve Your Riding By Yourself or With A Friend Or Family Member!
  • Enjoy More of Your Horse! Because You Have More Knowledge & Understanding Of The Horse!
  • Ground, Round Pen, Obstacles, Advanced Sacking out, Line Driving, Riding!


My goal in teaching is for my students to leave with a better understanding of how to communicate with their horse. To learn skills that are safe and understand how to apply them in different situations to keep their horses progressing in a positive direction. I also believe that learning what the horse is thinking is as important as understanding what, when and how to ask.

We start at your skill level!

  • Private & Group Instruction Available
  • Private, Semi Private or Group
  • Full, Half Day or Multi-Day

*If you would like to schedule a lesson, class or clinic at your facility it would be a good idea to have an indoor area available in the event of inclement weather. Unless of course… you have a direct line with God. Contact me to schedule a lesson.

Level 1 Lessons & Training

Foundation Ground Work
Building Your Confidence Around Your Horse

How to use equipment effectively and how to safely work around your horse. Learn the fundamental skills that will help you address unwanted behaviors such as: rushing, crowding, screaming, pulling back and balking! This is the beginning of learning how to control the mind through the feet and start to creating a partnership between you and your horse! We begin by teaching giving on the ground and then take it to the saddle and begin to connect it to the feet in a basic, but effective manner. Also covered is controlling head elevation. This is the beginning of understanding how to supple your horse’s body from the ground to the saddle!

Level 2 Lessons & Training

Foundation Riding
Building Confidence On Your Horse

Continuing and reviewing the concepts of suppleness in level 1 will help you create a quiet and balanced partner that is at home on the trail at an open show or in a dressage arena! Learn what muscle softness is really all about and combine it with direction and movement. We also focus on how the muscle transforms into what your horse needs to sustain and maintain self-carriage! We will focus on giving on both reins as well as beginning hip and shoulder work and applying it to transitions and different gaits.

Level 2 & 3 Lessons & Training

Ground, Arena, Trail
Becoming a Solid Rider and Building Confidence On Your Horse

Riders find their balance in their horse’s gaits as well as recognizing the individual footfall in all gaits. We will also explore advanced hip and shoulder movements and how they can aid us in gait and direction transitions. Calm down due, opening gaits & mounting from objects, improve your horses WHOA! Handle spooky situations, stop jigging, balking & rushing on the trail and riding in groups are some of the topics that can be covered. Content is based on your needs.

Level 1 Round Pen Lessons & Training


This is not colt starting. Understand how the round pen works and how to work with your horse in the round pen. Mastering the basics of round penning prepares you for starting and restarting a colt as well as preparing your horse for spook in place & advanced sacking out.

Level 2 Round Pen Lessons & Training

Spook In Place & Advance Sacking Out

Building on the basics of the round pen we begin the lesson teaching our horse to spook in place.

Level 2 Round Pen Lessons & Training


Using Obstacles, we improve our horse handling skills as well as our horses ground work.
The result is a more confident horse and owner!

Level 3 Long Line Training

Basic Long lining & Obstacles 

Long lining although it can’t be a total substitute for riding, it can solve a lot of riding issues without sitting in the saddle. Starting with basic driving, obstacles give the horse and rider a purpose while also creating a more confident and relaxed horse.