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Why on earth would you possibly want to take the time to teach your horse to move his hiney from leg pressure? Have
you ever wanted to open a gate without getting off? Insure a correct canter lead departure? Control your horse’s speed?
Teach your horse to leg yield on the diagonal? Or when riding, have your horse soft and straight?

To teach this lesson you must have already taught your horse to give his head to the side without moving his feet. He
should be bringing his head around to his elbow with the slightest suggestion from a soft, relaxed rein. He also should be comfortable leaving his head at his elbow until you ask it to return to the front.

The goal of this lesson is to help the horse understand that he can move his hips away from leg pressure without moving
his front legs. In the beginning, we will only ask for a step at a time. Then add an additional step, until he can smoothly
pivot his hips around his front.

Another benefit of teaching him to move his leg from rein pressure is that you can use it to aid your rein if you find the need to gain control of your horse by either softening or disengaging his hindquarters.

Let’s begin! Ask your horse to bring his head to the left side around toward his elbow. Lock your hand behind your
thigh. Next, apply a slight rhythmic pressure with your leg, slightly behind his girth until his hip yields to the side. As
soon as you feel his hips moving to the side, stop the rhythmic pressure of your leg and simultaneously release the rein.
If he yields his hips, but also is moving his front legs, ONLY release your leg pressure; do not release the rein until he
has come back to a complete halt.

Good luck, may you successfully “yield” your horse, each and every time you ride him!

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Hello! I've been helping horses and horse riders to have a better relationship around the country and at my farm through training, lessons and clinics. I get help from my wonderful horses Caz, Holy Socks, Mouse and Sir Thomas. Recently we have added Caz's cousin Jinx to our little team! The articles on my website are free to read and I encourage you to learn more by calling to set up a riding lesson or to attend one of my clinics.

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