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QUESTION: “What about the repetition thing John Lyons teaches? His methods make so-o-o much sense, but in our experience, that “do it 100 times” thing is something our horses won’t put up with. After about the 50th time, they get (seemingly) tired of doing this stupid stuff and refuse to do it anymore. continue reading ⇢

Endurance riding can be very hard on a horse’s emotions. There are ways to avoid this happening but if it does …read on and this will hopefully help you deal with it.

First we need to understand why it is hard on the horse. continue reading ⇢

Why do we need a cue to go forward? Think of it as one of the first words you can establish in a language between you and your horse. Remember Helen Keller? She was lost until she made the connection between water and the word signed into her hand. continue reading ⇢

The Baby Give

The best place to teach our horse is in the environment that you feel most safe with him. A prerequisite to teaching the horse to give to the bit would be to teach the horse the “Go Forward” cue from the ground. continue reading ⇢

Evolution of the Baby Give

During this sequence of muscle softening the horse evolves in their own time, beginning with the muscle around the jawbone. They progress by relaxing more and more muscles from their jawbone, back throughout their body. continue reading ⇢

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