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Due to the magnitude of the subject, “Giving to the Bit,” I will begin with an overview. Giving to the Bit Part 2 and Part 3 I will discuss the topic more in-depth by covering how the horse physically changes, how the horse benefits mentally and how it makes training the emotional side of the horse easier. continue reading ⇢

I’d like to explain “giving” and how we apply it to the horse. First we’ll look at giving from a general perspective, then a more specific perspective and finally how to put the two together.

First you should understand the snaffle bit. continue reading ⇢

What is consistency? Well to me it’s knowing that when it’s 90 degrees outside I will be sweating and I probably won’t regret not wearing my insulated riding pants. For billions and billions of burger eaters, it’s knowing that when you pull into a McDonald’s, you know what’s on the menu and what it will taste like no matter where you are in the world! continue reading ⇢

Without Drawing Blood or Beating Your Horse!

When I was a little girl I couldn’t stand getting my hair cut around my ears. I was convinced my mom picked the pixie cut just to torment me. continue reading ⇢

If your horse bucks not only is he NOT giving his jaw to the bit but he isn’t giving his hip to the bit. To put it bluntly, we don’t have control of our horse – not even one eency, teency, piece of a body part. continue reading ⇢

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