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Q: What can you accomplish in 30 days?

A: It all depends on the horse. What is his level of confidence, what kind of an attitude does he have? How comfortable is he around people, being introduced to new things and settings. Generally, what has been done since he was born can have a significant impact not only on what can be accomplished, but how solid he is at his new task. The important thing to remember, it does not matter if it is 30, 60 or 90 days…it is such a small part of his life, that what makes a great riding horse is TIME…and not just the years passing while he sits idle. But quality saddle time over along period of time.

Q: Why do you repeat ground work? (I have done a great job and I think you can just get on my horse.)

A: Then why are you asking me to get on your horse for you? If it’s because you can’t afford to be injured, I feel the same way. I would prefer to have the horse where I want him to be, if I am stepping my foot into the stirrup, this applies to all ages and levels of horses…not just the unbroke.

Q: Can you come to my house?

A: Certainly I can. Depending on the time of year it is easier than other times. What you need is a safe environment in which we can work in all types of weather.

Q: How often do I need lessons with you and my horse?

A: It all depends how comfortable you are. Some like a lot of hand holding in the beginning and then when they feel confident, wean themselves to once or twice a month. If your horse is in training, once the horse is at a level that is comfortable for you both…the more time you are doing the training…the better when you take him home!

Q: Do I need special tack?

A: I use the same tack on all the horses I train. I have found that the equipment I use AIDS me in effectively training the horse. It is not magic. It is my responsibility to understand what I want to accomplish in the lesson plan, I also need to know how to effectively use my training tools. This allows me to shorten the training process. The equipment I use does not restrain the horse, but allows me to effectively communicate. My snaffle bit is a simple pinchless bit that is comfortable for my horse. My halters fit the head well without being sloppy in either the nose or the throatlatch or in both areas. The leads are made of arbor line and allow me to be very precise in using them to direct my horses movement. They are long enough that I can stay at a safe distance from my horse, but are small in diameter and light in weight that my arms don’t get fatigued prematurely! The headstalls I use are fully adjustable, they fit a variety of breeds. The brow band also slides keeping the ears from being pinched…or being so low it rests on the horses eyes! The nicest part is all the equipment I can continue to use on my horse throughout his lifetime and I can use it on my other horses as well. No more “this is only for so and so” which makes it more economical.
You can order your tack through me online.

Q: What is the easiest way of getting a hold of you?

A: Trying! Either by email or phone and keep trying! Sometimes I am gone and when I get back, I have a LOT of email to wade through. Sometimes I inadvertently delete, other times lengthy messages get put aside until I can find free time to answer them. The best is just to take action and set up a time to bring your horse by for a lesson or an evaluation. Honestly, it is too hard to do training or evaluations via email, it is only a guess at that and I hesitate from giving advice without seeing you and your horse, it would be wrong to do so. I hope you understand this.

Q: If there is not a class scheduled and we have a few people can we schedule something with you at your farm?

A: Certainly. Those dates are made when there is not much on the calendar…so some are a guess at best. Frequently, I have classes that have been scheduled that have never be publicized. If you really want to get into a class and their is an opening…make it happen. Anyone that has coordinated group events knows how difficult it is to schedule them! So take advantage of what is available and don’t wait until the last minute! If you have a date in mind for a few friends…let me know, I can tell you if I can make it work!

Q: What if I don’t want to work in a group?

A: Come by yourself. Generally, weekdays are easy to plan with a little notice.

Q: I hear you do a natural trim on your horses feet, is this true?

A: Yes I do and so do all of my regular clients, not because they have to…they just seem to have drifted that way. If you are interested, I know people in the area that are able to help you. If you do regular training or lessons with me, I can help you in this area as well.